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PayPal Hackers Take $20k From Me

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous


About two months ago I witnessed massive in and out transfers from my paypal account one Sunday morning with various unknown fellow pp users. Unable, of course, to contact pp directly, I watched in horror as theives emptied my balance, then tapped into my checking (painfully and skeptically supplied to pp by me only one week prior via their pressure), and, exhausting that, went through my credit cards. 20K.

 I noticed about 15 other varying names whose account were depositing and withdrawing monies out of my account (and subsequently their acct, too), but never the same figures in or out…the balance dumping in a final theif’s acct. I contacted the other paypal users names listed in the in/out activities that Sunday and many had their banks and credit cards tapped as well.

When I finally got to someone at Paypal, I asked how one person could have simultaneously gotten ALL (meaning 15 odd people) of our passwords, bank infos and credit cards without being INSIDE paypal, and paypal said it could only have been that we (all paypal users named in the transaction), simultaneously, gave out our information via a fraud email (and I didn’t…I’m not a computer freshman) which the thief somehow, simultaneously, coordinated, planned and used to steal our funds. Inside job?

Paypal said it was impossible someone inside paypal could have gotten the info, used or sold it, and frauded us. OK…then maybe one user did answer fraud email and then an internal weekness allowed the theif access to everone else’s info, say the info of everyone that one person did business with? Nope, said paypal, never could happen. Hmmmm.

I then asked, ok, then, stop the access. It took them TWO WEEKS to block it. It also took two weeks for them to correctly explain, via four service representatives with alternating stories, how to reclaim my monies. They held all funds while I went around town collecting notarized docs.

Then, they opened my accounts back up, with changed info, yet the same hackers got in an did it again! I told paypal I would not send more docs, would not tolerate them holding more monies, that they opened the accounts and obviously had someone inside geting my NEW passwords,etc….

I pushed and they gave me the monies for the second round back. Now, all is well, but for your information, DO purchase limited cash access credit cards to use there (available as gift cards from banks…purchse in limited denominations). I don’t trust the system. Neither should you.

DON’T give bank info, or if you must, keep a acct open with almost nothing in it. Yikes. The grand total was about 20K. Not sure what really happened, but paypal deeply resisted helping and was defensive rather than offensive to correct the problem, plus requiring me to give a bank acct left me wide opn with no protection. What horror. Still battling with the banks and credit cards, too. Sorry for the long story, but I think it is worth repeating to save anyone the same problems.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:57 am

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