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Pay Pal Stole $1700

We are publishing a magazine on the west coast we do about $60,000 in sales would have done more but we sold a Non Refundable license to a B*tch in Sacramento. She gets the exclusive for 4 month so we can not sell in that area and lose out on thousands of dollars in sales for the publication. This woman signed an agreement that was marked Non Rendable 4 months later this woman did not get out and meet any of our clients we lined her up with in Sacramento AND SHE DOES a CHARGE BACK on PAYPAL even though we had a signed agreement and did everything right.

Today I go t My account and PayPal steals another $1,002 because they say they have an issue 18 months ago with the other account and that even though we have a signed agreement that is Non Refundable and we delivered the Product If a Bank Charges Back against Pay Pal wether or Not YOU are in the right Pay Pal Will STEAL YOUR MONEY and pretty much say Sorry About Your Luck thats the way it works.

I am looking for another online source.

Posted: April 7, 2014 at 6:47 pm

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