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I Don’t Use PayPal At All Now

By Peterson Family

Well I have sold items on ebay for sometime and used PayPal with a few screw up’s on their part, but hey I let that go. PayPal made things fast, get payment like that and ship the item out. But then I sold a item on Ebay, the auction ended like 4/16. I got payment threw PayPal next day 4/17, I then shipped out the item on the same day 4/17. I sent the buyer a email that the item had been shipped.

On 4/20 I went into my PayPal account to pay for a item that I had bought on Ebay, when I logged in I found a message and my account was frozen. PayPal said my account was frozen because a buyer had not gotten his item from me, so I gave PayPal all the info on the deal. Dates and times and the shipping info, they told me that they would look into it.

Next thing I know they try to refund the money to him for the item, so I called them back and asked why? They told me that the guy had not gotten the item. Thats even after I had faxed them a copy of the shipping info. Well I got sick of talking with them, so next step was talk with the buyer. So I tryed to call him and got a dead number, so next I emailed him.

From his emails, he said that he did get the item. So with that email, I called PayPal and told them that he had said that. They said sorry we can not do anything, the buyer must pull the complaint. So in the end the buyer got part of the money back threw PayPal and also got some money from Ebay. I don’t use PayPal at all now…

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 10:42 am

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