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I am not Paying back my negative balance

Recently sold digital item through PayPal.
Buyer then filed dispute for Unauthorized Transaction.
Submitted evidence to PayPal showing Buyers intention to purchase and pay.
Submitted even more evidence such as messages and proof of transaction which was thoroughly recorded.
PayPal sides with buyer and leaves my account negative as I withdrew the money.
I am left without Digital Goods and Buyer walks away with everything for free.
Account is still negative and I do not plan of returning funds as I made an honest transaction.
Will never be using PayPal again. Their policy needs a serious revamp. This is how they rob people of their hard earned money and it shouldn’t be tolerated.
PayPal are constantly calling my phone now.
They can keep on calling for all I care.

Posted: June 19, 2013 at 6:52 pm

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One thought on “I am not Paying back my negative balance
  1. NarkedOffSteve on

    I am in exactly the same position, but with an item not as described, despite being described exactly.

    Furthermore in the resolution case ebay actually made the decision on something not even in the case notes which is confusing.

    I have now stopped my cards so Paypal cannot take the funds when the item is returned and am slightly out of pocket as sold other goods.

    A quick question, are they threatening you with court action or simply just harrassing you?