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Payment declined due to spending limit reached

wanted to buy an item from a vendor through paypal, but got an email from them to say the payment had been declined ,because i had reached my spending ceiling over the period of years using them. so i bought the item with the same vendor using my credit card. some days later two seperate but same items turn up at my door to be signed for………. surprise surprise ……..after paypal sent me the refusal to authorise payment …..they payed it anyway …..after a combined 45 minutes on the phone to them , with them saying it was up to me to contact the vendor to return the extra unwanted item, i have now gotten a email from paypal saying my complaint with them has not been upheld. in my mind its fraud but for the sake of £64 its not worth the hassle as it would probably cost a fortune if only in telephone calls…..needless to say i wont be using their services again ……..hope this tale serves as a warning to anyone out there

Posted: December 4, 2012 at 7:24 pm

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