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Payment holds and accused of using stolen card

paypal are the biggest fraudulent company i have ever come into contact with, why haven’t they been shut down for this practice any one else would be thrown in jail, i set up a paypal account and added my new debit card which had been activated that morning, i added it to paypal as i wish to sell on ebay and they limited my account saying my card had been reported lost or stolen by my issuer, i got right on the phone to them and they stated there is no problem with your card its fine its active so what the hell was all that about, i phoned them told them to refund the buyers money and to kiss my backside, also to add i had got out of the 21 day ebay hold by sending buyers an invoice direct from paypal seems they have got wind to that because they now have a made up as they go along policy claiming because you are new to paypal we will still hold your funds for 21 stinking days, i was going to use them as a payment option for my new online store but as stated they can kiss my ass!!!!!!

Posted: May 7, 2013 at 6:37 pm

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