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Payment problem that could be a class action lawsuit

Please let me know if anyone else is having this problem. There could be a very large class action suit if this is happening across the country. I am interested to know who else is having a similar problem. Thanks.

On Sunday (Sept 21, 2014) I sold two items on Ebay. Paypal notified me that both purchasers paid. Paypal released to me one of the payments and has kept the other payment. WHY? This is what I get on my Paypal account today (Sept 25, 2014) : SEP 21 2014 eBay – Jessia (last name removed by me for privacy reasons) Payment received – Unclaimed + $21.50 USD Your money is waiting. Accept Decline Track Shipment When I go to accept the funds it will not let me. Its tells me I have to verify my account WHICH IS ALREADY VERIFIED. When I hit VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT IT SAYS I AM ALREADY VERIFIED and I still cannot receive my funds. Since I received an email from Paypal saying the buyer had paid on Sunday 9/21/14 I shipped the item. The item was received by the buyer Jessica and I still cannot get my payment from Paypal released.

To sum it up these are the problems:

1. Paypal will not release Ebay Seller funds even after the item is delivered and paid for by the buyer. Paypal is telling me, the account holder, to accept the funds in their Paypal account and when they try to it tells you to verify your account, even though you are already verified. So when you click to verify the message you get is that you already are and you still do not get your funds released. 2. Ebay is still saying that I am still awaiting payment from the buyer, even though the buyer has paid through Paypal four days ago. Perhaps this is due to the fact that my funds have not been released by Paypal, they have the money. 3. The buyer has purchased my item on Ebay, paid for it through Paypal, the item was shipped and received by the buyer, and Paypal will not release the funds to me, the Seller. At Paypal today, I spoke to Chris employee number #45484 that told me Paypal is aware of the problem and that there is a glitch in their system and that I am not alone. I was told the same thing on Monday Sept 22, 2014 when I called Paypal.

Which leads me to ask this:

A. How much money has Paypal collected (from Sunday September 21, 2014 until today Thursday 25, 2014) and is STILL holding, from transactions this week, that should have been dispersed but that they have not dispersed? Could it be millions of dollars?

B. Is Paypal getting interest on our money which they should have released to us? Has anyone checked Paypal to determine if they are using these funds for their own use?

C. When will this so called glitch be fixed, so far Paypal had four days and can’t fix the problem meanwhile they have held on to funds that do not legally belong to them? There must be a way to stop this from occurring in the future.

D. Are we being told the truth by both Paypal and Ebay? Someone needs to find out the answers to these questions, NOW!

Posted: September 25, 2014 at 6:04 pm

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