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Anything is Better then PayPal

You’re so damn right about EBAY & PAYPAL! I have heard quite a few other similar horror-stories and nightmares pertaining to their crap from other clients lately that it makes me sick to my stomach! My gripe pertaining to EBAY is their Shylock-type work ethic and limiting what vendors/buyers cannot buy/sell through their site; not to mention the way they will browbeat and intimidate vendors into using PAYPAL as a middle-man and the sole means of purchasing some items and are EXTREMELY NOSY about it, to say the least. So much to be said about wanting their ‘megaton (instead of a pound) of flesh’!!!!
I’ve decided to take a stand against PAYPAL and their Shylockian methods. Instead of using PAYPAL and am willing to accept whatever the vendor(s) say, including longer mailing times and delivery, I have asked potential EBAY and other similar-site vendors, if they will accept other alternatives to PAYPAL, be it in the form of a money order (issued by USPS, Western Union, etc.), check, cash, etc. The response was extremely positive because they too have had their share in dealing with PAYPAL, an outfit they totally despise. They did tell me delivery-time might be longer, but I told them I have the patience of Job and am in no big a hurry or rush to receive my order(s) from them if need be.
You can call this an underhanded ‘trick’ of mine, but if this works for you as a buyer, DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Posted: July 30, 2013 at 5:52 pm

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