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By Toni Trecell

Everyone please be advised. I am writing this as a NEw business owner. Ebay and Paypal are now connected. and they are planning on shutting this site DOWN. all the way down. I’m very sad, they are SCAMMERS. Now listen to my story that just happend today. I wish SOMEONE would publish this all the way around the world about PAYPAL. THEY ARE NOT A BANK, but they act less friendly and they act like they are a bank. I opened my friendly paypal account to do small business transaction over the internet not really expecting any customers for my products. I was lucky enough to put my products on a site and got a few buyers. My intention was to use the buyers money to order my products wholesale, then make my profit and give their products. WHICH IS 100% LEGITIMATE. I gave my customers copies of my Drivers License. and Address to ensure them I am legit and I would NEVER scam anybody. Now, fact about it. PAYPAL frezed my account, simply because I made $1000.00 in transaction within a 48 period. They are not friendly, they want some ALL my personal information, which they did not require before accepting money, which should be 100% illegal. My story is the same as everyone elses who got cheated by paypal.. I was lied to, and in fact, lost over 1000.00 not to mention, my new and potential repeat customers. This really, REALLY hurt my business. I don’t have the money to do a refund to them. I can’t refund their money, and they have my personal information. I could even be in danger of being put in prision now, because IT’s like I cheated them but i didnt, PAYPAL cheated both of us. THey say that they can not reverse any trasaction., and I think their not going to give anybody any refund. But they sure did make sure they got their cut out of the money though. I gotta say, the guy who invented paypal, was a genius in legal scams. I just lost $1000.00 that I didnt have to begin with. So much for small business help. I gotta find another way to do business. I’m an honest person. I can’t belive this. I pray that NO ONE will ever shut this site down. But if they do find a way, I hope you guys fight it to the end. And IF you need help marketing to establish a fund against paypal, I will help out with my own $$$$.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:18 am

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  1. Dave on

    I travel for my company and my company pays all travel in advance including my airfare, rental car and hotel. Recently, in Phoenix, my company reserved a car for me from Fox Rental Car. That is another story. In the mean while, when I was at the Fox both, the woman said I needed a credit card for them to “hold” $100 that the card would not be charged. Due to the fact that PayPal gives me 1.5% cash back for using there debit as a credit card I gave her the PayPal debit card. She ran it thru, everything was groovy. Got my rental and away I went. A few days later I am looking at my bank statement on line and they not only charged the $100, they charged the whole amount and I hadn’t even return the car yet. I pursued it with PayPal, the woman I spoke with was a ditz and told me there was nothing she could or was it would do to help me with this unauthorized charge. They went ahead and took it off my bill that day, but a month later they put it back on saying they ruled in the favor of the rental agency. Bullshit! I never signed for that charge and argued with PayPal for weeks, then I get the treatening letters saying I was overdrawn for 90 days and it’s their fault! Today, they took it from my bank account. What a bunch of theives. So I am out the money… Suggestions?

  2. Deborah Eichelberger on

    My son has had an ONGOING problem with PayPal “attempting” to take him to collection 5 TIMES for the SAME $242.45 over about a 5 year period. We won because of THEIR failure to document. However, this does NOT stop them from turning it over to a NEW collection agency a few months or a year later. Sometimes to the SAME collection agency.

    I have ATTEMPTED (attempted) being the operative word to give EACH of the succeeding collection agencies and FYI and tell them that I will pursue legal action if they persist in harassing us on a matter that has already been resolved, only to have each collection agency hang up on me.

    Has anyone had any success in suing PayPal for nuisance collection harassment complaints?

  3. vic on

    Re: Recent Limited Paypal

    they did the same to me i finally found a paypal customer service rep on the phone that told me big brother is watching you are doing to many transactions they want to cross check your income tax records to see if you are paying all of the taxes they think you owe..send a copy of your D.L. S.S. card ,birth bill,and reciepts for everything you ever sold,and copys of your tax returns, DROP DEAD SOON PLEASE I.D. Theft paypal employees.locked my account 2 years ago and wont give me my 5700.00 dollers back .hours and hours on the phone .this is insane

  4. Greg on

    Yeah. Paypal has me ready to track somebody down and get physical on them. And I hate fighting. But yeah, I had money in my account, they took their sweet time getting it transferred, and because of that, I ended up getting evicted. Now I’m in a hotel, trying to get the rest of my money out, and they’re still telling me its going to be a minimum of 7 days before I can get my money. What this means, of course, considering I recently moved to a city..hell, state, where I don’t know a single person, is that I will probably end up sleeping under a fcking bridge or something for a week or two until I get my money. Any law I can sue paypal under for this? If not, can I get an address where I can meet up with the owner of Paypal one-on-one? I’ve got a couple gifts I want to give him at the very least.

  5. Tom Glover on

    PayPal are SCAMMERS.

    Twice I have set up a new account – I have provided them with all of the information they requested.

    Then, BOOM – they decided to shut me down.

    This was, of course after I had significant amounts of money in it.

    And, of course…

    They couldn’t tell me why they have done it.

    PayPal do this to earn INTREST off our money.

    And we can’t do a thing.

    I am not allowed to have my money for another 180 days.

    That’s MY money that PayPal have no right to take.

    Companies like this make me sick.

    PayPal is a SCAM. Be aware.

  6. Robert on

    So I was looking online for a modified xbox console and this guy messaged me and said he would sell me one and once I gave him the money via Amazon gift card he scammed me is that legal?

  7. Kiril on

    I always pay in Japanese yen. My card is in USD. All the time exchange rate is 0.0085 or 0.0086.
    My last payment was 70000yen. It should be 595-600 USD. But I was charged 655 usd….
    Contact to paypal twice after payment – no respond! They steel 55 usd. simply STOLEN!
    Exchange rate is the same as it was. nothing changed. but money disappeared. It’s a first time problem for many years – but nobody help me.