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Paypal does not accept my proof of delivery

I had sold an item on eBay, posted with recorded delivery with an online tracking service. The buyer then files an unauthorized payment case, so I resolve the case by providing the online tracking. Days later, Royalmail posts online that my item was not delivered so i called them up and asked why, the said that the item was delivered and there was an error in scanning the barcode of them item and then provided me with a letter stating that they had delivered the item. I send this to paypal and explain the situation but they just decline the case and said the letter was not official and start asking for proof of postage. I explained I had none and that they should call royalmail to find out if the parcel was received or not but they reply, and i quote “No, because we don’t want too”


Posted: March 25, 2014 at 6:11 pm

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