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Paypal is not accepting the valid tracking number I provided.

I am a seller and buyer. I recently purchased some beads that arrived materially different than described. I opened a Paypal dispute and was told that if I returned the item, I would get a refund. So I used Paypal shipping to return the item to the address Paypal gave me, immediately provided this tracking information, and waited. Yesterday I received an email that they could not track it, and I needed to resubmit the information within 72 hours. I printed two pdf’s from the email from Paypal with the seller address, the email from Paypal showing the tracking number and address that I shipped to, and the USPS tracking information showing it was mailed and delivered. Immediately my dispute was denied, saying the tracking info was incorrect. I called, and the person I spoke to said they would call me back today so we could call the postal service, and they reopened the dispute. This morning, instead of a phone call, I got an email again denying my claim. I called again, and was told that they could only see one page of my pdf. I asked for an email address, and sent it that way. The case was reopened again, only to be closed an hour later with the excuse that I did not provide the tracking information in time (I did. Twice.). Paypal is a bunch of thieves.

Posted: January 29, 2014 at 7:46 pm

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