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Can paypal come after me even though my account is closed?

So i had a paypal account for a very long time(4-5-6) years i don’t know precisely and a couple of months ago i started boosting league of legends accounts.
After a while some customers tried to make disputes and claims (6 of them. 5 of them closed by the users) and 1 closed by paypal……
I had negative money on my paypal because of this. At first i wanted to just give the bastards the money back but i coudn’t because the money was frozen :| … Only after i cleard out the disputes….i finaly closed my account and removed my credit card. And now it looks like i can still get disputes even though my account is closed and they want me to resolve it with an account thats nonexistent.

I have a few questions:
* What can paypal do if they find the dispute if favour of the buyer ( even though my account is closed)
* And if i have a negative ammount on my paypal can they do anything about it?
* Can i make another account and add the same card as in the old one….and not interfere with my old accounts problems?

Posted: March 7, 2013 at 8:30 pm

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