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PayPal Account Frozen

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Hello, I am from Singapore. Recently, a buyer from USA has bought an expensive collectible banknote from me through ebay which amounts to over $3000 USD. The buyer send the payment to me via paypal. After i received the payment, i immediately select the option to transfer the money into my local Singapore bank account.

However, today, i woke up in the morning and  found out that the transfer was cancelled by paypal and out of sudden, Paypal limit my account access, citing security reason which they do not specified. So, paypal has frozen my account. The buyer’s payment remains stuck in my paypal account. It is immobolized and i cannot use the money. Because of this transfer which is cancelled by paypal, i lost $100 plus dollars.

Now, there is only about $2850 stuck in my paypal account. Because of this situation, i cannot ship the note to my buyer because i never receive the money. Now, my only intention is to get back this $2850 back and proceed to ship the note to my buyer. Can anyone advice me how to get my money back without further losing anymore money ? Can i get back the money from my local bank ? I really feel pity for the buyer but there isn’t much i can do as i am a student with no income/salary.How can i solve this issue with paypal ?

Thank you.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:54 am

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