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PayPal Account Is Limited

By Tim Lelland

I spent $8500 opening an ebay consignment store. Two weeks later they shut down my PayPal and are in the process of shutting down my ebay account. The reason they gave me; They said that my account was linked with an account that was fraudulant, I have never had an ebay or paypal account before two weeks ago. Then, they apologized for the inconvience and lifted the limitation. The next day another “manager” limited my account for the same reason as before. 8 hours on the phone, 1 week of downtime, and days of stress, they got me up and running again. So i’m thinking, good, now i can get back to conducting business. NOT, I got an e-mail this morning saying my account has been permanetly limited. WTF, They did a credit check without my permission, shut me down, for no reason, and is keeping the $12, 578.20 for 180 days????? There is something that has to be done about this.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 11:33 am

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One thought on “PayPal Account Is Limited
  1. Teresa on

    Get out of the paypal prison loop!!! I hear your story and I get PTS–they did that and much worse to me–and still are doing it every day to others. Once they decided I was fraudulent (after causing me $20,000 in chargebacks due to their fraudulent customers) they shut me down forever saying I was fraudulent! GOOD NEWS! You don’t need paypal to sell on EBAY!!! If you have a merchant account and an gateway, you don’t have to offer paypal….the gateway connects to your ebay account VERY easily……Do it and win, I did!! I will never look back for paypal selling again. You can get this really cheap through, cheaper the signing up with directly.

    You will get the money back—just a very long devastating wait, but they do give it eventually.

    Take care,
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