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Paypal Account Limitation, what do I do now?

Hi. I just sold my camera lens for $650 recently in ebay. Paypal put a limitation in my account due to a past case 7 years ago which the buyer did a charge back for $1,500+. The reason of the charge back was the account used by the buyer was not authorized. paypal wanted me to pay them back the $1500+, but I disagreed because before I approved the transaction, I called ebay to verify the buyer and I called paypal also to verify the status of the account holder. They said the buyer was verified and the transaction was good to go, so I approved the sale. Paypal/ebay want me to be fully responsible, but I said it should be a shared responsibility for I did my due diligence. Now, paypal said they are holding up the $650 (hostage) until I settle my case. Do I have a case?

Posted: May 27, 2014 at 6:29 pm

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