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Paypal Account limitations

Recently and without warning our paypal account got “limited”, because it went over $1,000. This meant we cannot access our money, transfer, make reimbursements, nothing. While our customers still place orders and money keeps running in, paypal effectively keeps our money and takes the interest they earn. After emailing passport copies, driver’s license copies and more, they now are asking for information we do not have or cannot supply, like a landline phone bill (we only have mobile phones), rates bill (we don’t pay rates where we live), utilities bill (we have pre-paid power so no bills) or a yearly tax certificate (really, do we have to wait a year before we can access our own money?).
I can’t provide these documents, only letters from my bank and other institutions with my name and address on it. It still is not good enough for paypal and effectively they have now stolen our money.
I have been warned by our website developer not to use paypal and I now understand why. We lost over $2,000 and to them and they seem to get away with it. I am furious.

Posted: June 23, 2014 at 6:29 pm

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