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My new Paypal account is limited

I have recently created a new online trade website, I was hoping to use paypal as an online payment method for customers. I signed up yesterday only to find out that my account is already limited. I was’nt sure why, then I call them and find out that the bank account details I tried to use for my business is already linked to another account that I had but was made by my younger brother. I explained I am the Director of the company and that I do not need the old account they can close it off but they won’t. Now they want me to resolve this old account that I hardly know anything about and that I don’t need. I explained although the old account had my company bank account details if they can close it so I can use it for the account I created yesterday, but they would not help. Rather they want me to close the old account and submit all documents for it, which I would happily do, under resolutions there is no option to do that as they have completely limit the account. Please help.

Posted: May 15, 2012 at 3:26 pm

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2 thoughts on “My new Paypal account is limited
  1. Anna on

    Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do. This is another reason I refuse to use paypal. I had so many problems with them limiting my account, holding fun etc that i had enough and went with a REAL processing company.

  2. Kenneth Miller on

    There is nothing you can do at this point. If PayPal decides to limit your account you are done. Less then 10% of limited accounts gets restored. My advice would be to close any bank account you have limited to your paypal account and not deal with paypal anymore. There are far to many problems with paypal for someone that’s trying to run a business. There are cheap merchant accounts out there that will make you look more professional. Real business don’t use paypal, they just can’t follow all of Paypals ridiculous rules that they make up as they go.