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PayPal Account Negative

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

 I had a PayPal acccount a few months ago. I occasionally do websites for a fee, so I needed the account to accept payments for said services. One guy had came to me by word of mouth and asked me to do his website for him. This website was very extensive and costed him $1800.

After I the site was completed, he sent me the payment VIA PayPal. I immediately began to spend it as I had been needing to upgrade my computer for a while.

About a week after it was spent, I got an email from PayPal. This email stated that the funds were possible fraud and would be deducted from my account pending an investigation. I knew it wasn’t fraud, so I wrote them with all the info they requested from me.

About 3 months later, I wrote them reguarding the investigation as my account was still negative $1800. They finally replied a week later stating they were unable to give me the funds back due to no proper tracking service being used and told me to start using UPS, USPS, or Fed-Ex to ship my items. If I felt this was wrong and the transaction was valid, to ask the buyer to resubmit payment as it was being returned to the buyer.

I was flabergasted at the email. How could one provide shipment tracking for a website? How could one even ship such a thing through any of those companies? I contacted the buyer and sent him the email. He replied to me the following day saying he couldnt pay me again as PayPal had also taken the money off his account.

After a few emails back and forth, he gave me temporary access into his PayPal account and sure enough, his account too was negative $1800. I then realized what PayPal was up to and thought it was fraud.

I contacted an attorney over the situation and was told that there was nothing I could do because of their ‘ToS’ protecting them. I was upset then and so was my buyer.

About a month later, PayPal suspended my account and wrote me an email saying I had 2 accounts that were $1800 overcharged and told me to put money into the accounts to clear them up. I wrote back telling them I only had one account, not two. They had inturn replied saying my IP appeared on two accounts and was then linked to me. They had decided that since I logged into my buyers account once temporarily, it must be mine as well. I wrote them back and told them to basically get lost as I only owned one account through them and since they ripped me off, they would eat that account.

To this day, that PayPal account is still negative $1800. I have been contacted numerous times by their collection agency NCO Financials and I have repeated told them, including writing them mail, to stop contacting me as I will never pay the account. It doesn’t stop, I had just gotten one of their phone calls last night, Saturday at midnight est. Their harassment won’t stop and there is nothing I can do about it. Oh, as far as the buyer goes, I figured since I got to spend all the money before PayPal took it from me, that he was in the clear, payment received.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 11:03 am

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