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Got Paypal account to send money but it doesn’t work

So I opened a PayPal account last week with the aim of sending money to family in Canada. I’ve linked and verified both my credit card and bank account on PayPal. So here I am thinking that everything works, I try to transfer CAD 2000 “Error. Please try again later”
So I try later “Error. Please try again later”
Not overly descriptive, so I call customer support number and I’m told that because the account is new I might now be able to transfer money. I didn’t see any notification when I signed up that there would be a waiting period!
So the PayPal rep suggested I transfer load my PayPal account via iDEAL. So I load EUR 1430 into PayPal.
I try to transfer CAD 2000 again “Error. Please try again later”
So I call back and I’m told “the transaction has been blocked by the risk system due to high risk transaction”
1. I loaded my PayPal account with EUR1430. The money is already in there. How is this high risk?!?!
2. I’m told that maybe the amount is too high and I should break up the amount
> CAD 1000 “Error. Please try again later”
> CAD 700 “Error. Please try again later”
> CAD 500 “Error. Please try again later”

So now I have all this money in my paypal account that I can’t transfer.
So then I’m told, maybe I need to do a few more transactions or maybe I should wait a few more hours before.

This is absolutely ridiculous and frankly stupid!
So I request a refund for the EUR 1430. It will take 7 days before the money is back in my bank account (it was instant when loading my PayPal account), but I also have to pay EUR 5, for the privilege of having MY money returned to MY bank account

Posted: July 14, 2014 at 7:07 pm

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One thought on “Got Paypal account to send money but it doesn’t work
  1. glen on

    i paid for something worth $155.00 3 days later they investigate the transaction a week later they reverese it and close my account. Got email saying that im a high risk to myself and they would be keeping money for 180 days. So now i have the seller screaming for he’s money which is fair enough but paypal have it and will do for 6months. So i have to now go and repay the seller via another way so im now out of pocket $310.00…. Paypal Does really suck!