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Paypal agents make up terms of service as they go along

I made ebay purchase.
clicked on ‘Pay Now” to complete the transaction. At PayPal “login” I entered my unique password, hit “enter”/ Screen was “hung” just the perpetual ‘working’ animation, never proceeded to account.
I hit the ‘back’ browser button, found that my account had paid the seller without me to be able to make changes to source of funds, address for delivery, message to seller, etc.
I called PayPal about this, agent ‘Deanna’ said that was the action of PayPal and “it is just the way it works” I asked her to clarify where it is stated that this would be the default behavior in the TOS. The agent said “it is not in the TOS’> I filed complaint with the Financial Protection agency, although all they’ll do at this point is contact PayPal and ask them to ‘self regulate’.

Posted: June 5, 2014 at 6:24 pm

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