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PayPal Aids Hackers

By Beth

I have been using Paypal in conjunction with my Ebay account for about a year. I used Paypal almost soley for all transactions I made and most buyers used it to pay me as well. The paypal logo was on all my auctions.

Then a hacker got into my Ebay, Paypal, and email account. I suspect the Ebay or Paypal was the first one hit. They are both connected and can easily be accessed through one another. After getting into my Paypal account, they discovered my email address (which they make you use for your log-in).

Through my Ebay and Paypal identity they began emailing Ebayers and trying to sell them fake NASCAR tickets at $600 to $700 a piece. This person also changed my home address and all contact info and passwords, and locked me out of my own accounts. I noticed that I was unable to log-on to my email account online (kept saying incorrect password) and was suprised, so I decided to try on my cell phone. Through a fluke I was able to check my email through my NEXTEL cell-phone, (gotta love those). My passwords are all stored, and it bookmarks right to my inbox. Imagine my shock seeing 200+ emails from “me” to all of these people requesting money for tickets I didn’t have!!

I went straight to the local police and filed a report. They contacted as many of the people as they could and tried to warn them. I, for my part tried to contact Ebay and Paypal. Ebay is impossible and does not have any contact phone numbers what-so-ever. Paypal’s number had me on hold for months… I finally after calling Paypal a record 10 times and 2 weeks, have the account closed. All I wanted was for them to close the account because of fraud. I already cancelled all my credit cards and checking info linked to the account, but they kept refusing to close my Paypal account. I had to wait and the operaters, who were quite rude, didn’t seem to care that someone was defrauding all of these people, using my name, while I waited for them to cancel the account. The best suggestion that I kept hearing from Ebay and Paypal was “change your password”. How can I when someone has changed all of my passwords, password hints, information, and taken control of my primry email linked to both accounts?

Thank-God there was no money in my Paypal account to move, but they had access to checking and credit card account for a brief point in time. The hacker also knows all of my personal info, where I live, phone number, mother’s maiden name, all my passwords etc. I have had to file an ID Theft affadavit, contact all my credit cards, all 3 credit buearus, etc… Who knows what else they could do with all my information.

The worst part is, both Ebay and Paypal aren’t the least bit concerned in stopping this fraud. Now the accounts are shut down, but there is no investigation.

Paypal and Ebay are not as secure as you might think. This happened to me 2 weeks ago along with about 250 other people as well. Also, consider this–> how can your passwords and contact information be changed without being sent a confirmation email? I feel the hacker(s)is either from Ebay or Paypal.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 12:04 pm

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