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PayPal allowed use of my account without my authority

PayPal acknowledged a password change but now has blocked my access to my account and now requires me to make a long distance call to Nebraska from BC CA at my expense over a security breach which has now cost me over $500cad – This is, to me, complicit with the perpetrators of the crime that Chantel-Tec committed by accessing my computer and PayPal account stealing the above monies – This matter involves Hewlett Packard and it is hoped that that company will exert enough pressure on PayPal to reverse this online theft.

Posted: September 16, 2014 at 7:21 pm

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2 thoughts on “PayPal allowed use of my account without my authority
  1. J. McIntosh on

    Paypal, u email me, but info u want i no have this mine.. Acct was supposed to b closed 10 + yrs ago. I been fighting 4 cancers since 2000? Til dec2015 /2016. And ive txt. And finally called went through w along description , and finally got it (promisel) it was permanently closed. I was shockef pay pal had my newest bank info etc.i hasn’t thought of paypal in yrs. And them me appt. I had no info frm pp. In anyway. So, thought all well,then recently a charge on my acct. Again. How many timesi have to keep closing my total info data 100% with ppal. How in competentĀ¢an your employees be. Im dieing, i need this closed not more sells, no more ur accts. Been used again. No letters asking 4 info… I don’t know any info like acct. No. Fon # nothing to ell you. Please tske
    Care of this. And a responsible person email me and then hard copy mailed quickly to me. For action of sueing, my credit score showing out standing debts due. Please sir end this. U know i didn’t purchase anything in yrs. I don’t know this person. U sent me one in dec.? Stating a purchase from a person in romania i think. So, okay this must stop all bal removed, do as u will with the frauder. Ok. Close the dame acct. Final. I want written response and credit cleaned and no debt pmt owed joette r. McIntosh 6/5/16

  2. Mrs Thelma Frye on

    I have only just learned that a scam calling itself PAYPAL has taken Ā£500 from my Chelsea Building Society Direct Debit. I have tried to report it online, but do not know if I have been successful. On the list of transactions it is listed as NOT COMLETED, so I do hope you have spotted it and not paid it. Thank you.