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How is Paypal allowed to hold my funds for 6 months??

I was a happy user of paypal with how most places i shop at online accept it and did a lot of my own business transactions through them, until that is this past weekend, when without warning i learnt that my account was frozen and i was not able to receive funds or transfer any of the nearly $1500 i had in there, which i needed for my rent, bills as well as Birthday gifts for my kids.

When i spoke with someone they would only say that they believed i was doing adult or sexually explicit web cam shows and being paid from them, when i asked for their proof he was not able to provide me with any, so i questioned how they could not only close my account but also hold all of my money from me for 180 days without providing any proof and that the case was not up for dispute and gave me the sites lawyer contact info, i am really disgusted by the whole thing and am sure he was pretty confident that, since i had told him i was in need of those funds being held for the next six months from myself, that he could be sure that i would not be able to afford to pay for a lawyer to fight such a large company…

Posted: February 21, 2014 at 7:58 pm

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One thought on “How is Paypal allowed to hold my funds for 6 months??
  1. Anonymous Genius on

    I believe it was reserve holds you are in and it is part of the User Agreement that I am sure you did not read, you cannot satisfy everybody at the same time