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PayPal is allowing the sale of Counterfeit Products

I bought Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones from through PayPal. After seeing I had sent money to a Chinese man and did a little bit of research, I began to think I sent money to a fraudulent seller and that I was not going to receive the headphones. I contacted PayPal to file a claim but I was hassled and told that the website looked fine and to wait a little while to see if I received the headphones before scarring someones record. I did what the agent from PayPal said to do and when I did not receive the headphones after two weeks I contacted the seller, also like PayPal told me to do. The seller told me I would receive the headphones soon and I received them about 3-5 days after contacting him. The headphones seemed fine until I noticed the right ear was playing sound that the computer said was coming from the left ear. The headphones also fell apart within two weeks of getting them. I did more research and found that sells fake Audio Technica headphones. I found this piece of information straight from the Audio Technica Safe Buying Guide. I contacted PayPal immediately and I was told that PayPal was going to contact the seller before giving me a refund in order to see what they want me to do with the headphones. They said they give the seller ten days to respond. Today, I called PayPal because it has been ten business days and I haven’t heard back. I was informed that I would not be getting a refund because supposedly I didn’t file a complaint in time, even though the reason I didn’t was because their company told me to wait. My mother called them and was told that if anymore complaints were brought against for receiving counterfeit items that his account would be cancelled and his money would be taken and that is the only way I could get my money back now. IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU KNOW HAS BOUGHT COUNTERFEIT GOODS THROUGH MINI9SSD PLEASE CONTACT PAYPAL AND TELL THEM SO WE CAN ALL GET OUR MONEY BACK FROM THIS ZHANG SHIMING GUY!!!

Posted: June 11, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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6 thoughts on “PayPal is allowing the sale of Counterfeit Products
  1. Dr Rose on

    Never bought anything from this seller but thanks for the warning. I don’t get it how PayPal can allow a seller that is selling counterfeit stuff to operate when they will shut down licensed re-seller for selling counterfeit goods when they in fact are not at all selling anything fake at all. There are just too many flaws with Paypal and trying to contact Paypal for help with any problems is nothing but a waste of time.

  2. Gene on

    I don’t get how they can allow this person to sell counterfeit product. It just shows how shitty paypal really is. You can get shut down for selling “supposed” counterfeit items when the really aren’t but they don’t shit down this jerk who is really selling counterfeit products. Paypal is such a disgrace

  3. Ben on

    I got ripped off by mini9ssd aswell, to the tune of $240. Paypal have done nothing, except close my claim on the grounds that there’s nothing that they can do. My dozens of emails to mini9ssd and minimall1999 (same company) have been ignored. I contacted Audio Technica directly and informed their distribution department, they said they would add both sites to a watch list. As per the seller (shiming zhang) requested, I sent the headphones back and was promised a full refund only to hear absolutely nothing from them again. I’m a self confessed audio nerd and I know fakes when I see/handle them, they hadn’t even attempted to box one set. It’s appalling that paypal refuse to do anything about this blatant misuse of their payment system.

  4. Holley Buelsworth on

    I really don’t get this. I will contact paypal to see what they hell they are thinking?! My account was shut down and I no longer have selling or buying privileges because I was selling “counterfeit” items.
    My items were in fact knock offs but it was listed in BOLD PRINT and the buyers had to check off a box stating they understood this prior to submitting payment. I swear paypal is off their rocker. They just pick and choose who they will side with. It’s just not fair.

  5. Tom on

    I purchased “Klipsch” S4i headphones through an Atomic Mall vendor DBA Top Headphones. Payment through Paypal went to Shiming Zhang with the email address This email is registered to see info:

    Headphones are not yet delivered and I suspect will be counterfeit. I have contacted Klipsch for assistance in identifying if they are fake, and will file a dispute at Paypal. This Chinese vendor hides behind a number of alias companies and names. Don’t be fooled.

  6. Chris on

    Hi, I purchased an XBOX 360 HDD from them about 11 Days ago and still waiting for it to arrive, I sent them two emails asking when my order would be dispatched but no response, then I sent an email asking them to cancel the order and within ten minutes they responded saying it had already been dispatched. I two have done some research and have come to the same conclusion that they are a very dodgey site that is well known for selling counterfeit goods, unfortunately I didn’t use paypal so will probably never see my money again as my credit card company wants me to jump through a lot of hoops which will mean mini9ssd will need to reply to emails…