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PayPal Ripp-Off

By Ronald

Sold a item on ebay and customer paid through a credit card through Pay-Pal. One approximately 2 months later I received a email from Pay-Pal saying that my account was debited the amount of the item that was sold on Ebay. Fortuantely my Pay-Pal Account was at a Zero Balance.  They said the lady that bought the item decided it was not what she wanted and they refunded her the purchase price.  I never was informed prior to this action that there was a problem.  Pay-Pal told me they were going to contact the Merchant Credit Card Company and tell them that the Credit Card User never returned the item.  To my knowledge they never did this.  I feel Pay-Pal has no right to reverse a purchase without first notifying me of all the details.

I asked for information on the Credit Card Company that was used to try to correct this problem myself, and Pay-Pal refused.  They are a Awful Company. I am very upset that they took it on their own authority to accept the reversal without even gathering up any facts.

They are now Threating to ruin my credit which I have worked so hard to build.  I have *No Doll* thank’s to Pay-Pal and they are also demanding I pay the amount they refunded this *Crook Ebay Buyer*

It appears that Pay-Pal supports *Ebay Fraud* and theivery on the part of the Dishonest Ebay Buyer.

I was called up and harrassed to the point of going into a very bad asthma attack by the Company Pay-Pal uses to harrass their honest clients.

Pay-Pal should be put out of business. They are a Awful System that does not work in the benefit of the Consumer, only the Crooks.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:18 am

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One thought on “PayPal Ripp-Off
  1. Page Summers on

    I can’t believe that they didn’t give you info on the credit card company, it seems to me that your entitled to know about disputes being filed. Paypal is a joke. I lost hundreds of dollars because the checkout buttons on my paypal site wouldn’t work. I called support and they did nothing but give me the run around which resulted in a massive migraine. Finally, a day and a half later I got a rep on the line (Carmen) who admitted that they were having technical difficulties that day. Well DUH! I just wish more people were honest; I have a back up site to process orders on. Paypal could have saved me both sanity and money if their staff was better informed.