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PayPal And Legal Action

By Sean

 Recently Payal contacted me about an item I had despatched, apparently it had not been recieved by the payee and Paypal wanted to verify that the item had been sent. When they contacted me via email they gave me only 3 days to respond,WHICH HAD EXPIRED 2 DAYS BEFORE I HAD TO OPPORTUNITY TO READ IT!!!.

I sent Paypal an email to inform them and try to supply info that was requested but to no avail they had closed my case and agreed the chargeback,so now I’m supposed to accept that this and be out the money and the despatched item also.

Due to reports I had previously read about Paypal on this and other sites I habitually didn’t leave any funds in my account longer than needed so when Paypal awarded the chargeback there were no funds for them to withdraw and now Paypal are threating legal action if I don’t provide sufficent funds to clear the chargeback.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 7:35 am

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One thought on “PayPal And Legal Action
  1. Susan on

    Here is another one. I was guided by the buyer to allow her payment using paypal. I had always heard how safe paypal was. Now the buyer had her credit card company issue a chargeback for the puppy. My paypal account is now in the red for puppy, flight, & crate. The buyer still has my puppy!!! Paypal tells me that it is up to her credit card company as to whether or not the chargeback will be upheld. I feel so helpless. How fair is this? I am willing to bet the buyer has done this many times and knew in advance that she would never have to pay for the pup. Paypal says it is out of their hands!!! I will now have to take my own legal action to get the puppy back.