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PayPal And Personal Info

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Why does pay pal say they WONT ASK FOR PERSONAL INFO< then turn around and does that very thing? Why should you need my PIN, and S.S.#? If you really do need it, then you already have it! You would have gotten it when i set up my acc. You threaten to suspend my acc. 2 months ago if I did not provide the PIN & S.S.#, whih I did, now you ask for it again, and threaten to close my acc. in 72 hours? Please tell me why, and what I should do. P.P. has been a great program to use. Let me know what the problem is, and the current status of my acc. as you said I COULD NOT use it till you got my personal info 2 months ago.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:06 am

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