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PayPal And Surveys

By Roger Sullivan

Hi There!

Well from what I have read I guess I am like many others. I like surveys and do many of them a day and one of the survey companys I do is paying me thru paypal. First I asked them nicley to please send me my money, gave them a large amount of information they needed to be able to do just that, but I would not send them my ss number.

They after a 2 week time delay finaly wrote back and said that they need my checking account number, or bank number (what ever) that was sent to them with the request to please send me my money, OH but first they said that they would put into my account a little amount of money to make sure that me was me, OK so I told them what they sent now will you please send me MY money, IT is now 3 weeks later and nothing has happened.

So now I am thinking of contacting an attorney, maybe if it gets into the newspaper it might get some action. One thing it will I hope make them live by the law and I do not means their law.


Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:55 am

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