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Chargeback One Year Later!

Writer Wishes to Remain Anonymous

I sell software which I have created, and have a business account, fully verified with paypal. For the last 4 years I have never had one single buyer complaint posted with Paypal. I do not offer refunds on software as I send an email with the registration number after each sale, even to those whom I send a tangible CD and Manual. You are not covered under Paypal’s seller protection policy if you sell electronic downloaded items.

I just had my first buyer dispute posted. This buyer purchased on a Sunday night, and as soon as he received the registration key he filed a complaint with Paypal that he had not received the “Software” as he stated. Well, I immediately shipped the software which was an electronic download only, priority mail with a certified receipt and a signed return request. So far the buyer has not signed for the item, and I am sure that it will be returned to me. But since this buyer has the registration number, it doesn’t matter as heĀ  downloaded the software and can continue to use it.

What is really funny about this is that the buyer is indignant over this and is demanding his money back and has told me he will file a complaint with the BBB. When I checked on this buyers ( he is a business too) BBB standing, he has had over 19 complaints since 2003, and has not responded to the BBB once or resolved any of those complaints. This buyer has a work at home type of scheme business, which the BBB warned against on their posting of his information. He also has had complaints posted about him on I on the other hand, have never had one single BBB complaint filed in 4 years, no reports filed against me with any consumer agency or the I try very hard to keep my customers happy, and urge them to download and try the software for 30 days “Before” they buy, so that when they do make a purchase they know what they are doing and have evaluated the software. I don’t know what Paypal’s final decision will be, but from what I hear, I probably will have the funds returned to the buyer from my account. On the other hand, when I had made a personal purchase a couple of years ago from a fraudulent seller , Paypal told me to basically take a hike and that I would have to settle it with the merchant. It’s a no win situation with Paypal. I can document that this buyer has received the registration key, but since it’s an electronic download and he will not sign for the merchandise I shipped, I am sure I won’t win. I wish there was a better way than Paypal, but with buyers that are scammers, even charging back things 1 year later, I don’t see a way to take any payments other than checks or money orders…the old fashioned way. I wish someone could tell me who I should sell through to protect myself.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:13 am

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One thought on “Chargeback One Year Later!
  1. laurens on

    Paypal are asses, First there is nearly no verification everyone can use stolen credit cards, You as seller have to show proof that the buyer is not trying to do any fraud with credit card, You can’t disable creditcard payments because it’s standard build in. You have to pay a fine when someone screw you over not to mention you have to pay back + your at loss if you gave away services(Whatever you have delivered they does not care about it if it’s virtual goods, You have to pay chargeback costs because paypal allows creditcard and you can’t do anything about it)