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PayPal Are Thieves

By Nick

I urge everyone to think very carefully before signining up for paypal as this is my remarkable story. I had a buyer from Germany do 5 buy it nows on my ebay auctions then proceeded to pay for each one with paypal. I shipped the items the very next day and noticed that the buyer was de registered from ebay two days later. After 5 days the 5 emails come from paypal with 5 payment reversals as the buyer claimed his account had been hacked and he had not ordered the items. He had however lots of different ebay user ID’s and on one of these other ID’s he was trying to sell my items using MY stolen ebay images also. He even came to the UK ebay chat forums and started this thread 1347

Paypal found them guilty and gave us our money back so the conmen then did it properley this time and did a card chargeback with their card company and paypal let them get away with it :-(

It makes unbelievable reading. They tried so many times to sell mine and another ebay users items that they also conned before we got the Police involved and they eventually mailed back the items to us. Neither paypal or ebay offered any support whatsoever and the evidence against these scammers was overwhelming yet paypal still gave them their money back and even charged myself and the other scammed ebay user fees because we were international users and that was our only crime. We lost out big time in man hours fees and now this theft from paypal out of our account. I say paypal should be sued into the ground and any lawyer reading this I would gladly offer my custom to them to bring all the culprits in this case to justice.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:09 am

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5 thoughts on “PayPal Are Thieves
  1. Melanie on

    I have just sold an item on eBay. When I tried to transfer the funds to my bank account I had the following message “For security reasons, we’ve had to delay your withdrawal request while we review it.

    Your withdrawal request will be under review for up to 24 hours. After our review is complete, PayPal will release your funds. It can take an additional 2 hours for those funds to be deposited into your bank account.”

    The item sold for over £300.00 and there is no way that I am sending it to the buyer until those funds are safely on their way to my bank account. Buyers can be dodgy as well as some sellers.

    Unfortunately, eBay have now made it a requirement for you to offer Paypal. Personally, I think that should be illegal as eBay own Paypal. I don’t know whether it is or not. After this little problem I think when I send an invoice I’ll offer an incentive for people to pay by cheque. Eg offer half the paypal fees to the customer so Paypal lose out.


    At the beginning of this year I noticed on 24 January the sum of £568.75 had been debited from my business account (the card was linked to my PayPal account for purchases) under a reference of: PayPalMohammedKassamRiaz –– I logged onto my PayPal account which showed a purchase had been made for an I phone 5 on 13/1/13. Straight away alarm bells rang I notified my bank straight away a fraud attack had taken place and spent the entire next day liaising with them and PayPal with regards to this. I placed a chargeback on this transaction– PayPal requested documents from the ‘alleged’ seller within 7days. PayPal and EBay limited access on my accounts on the 14 January 13 putting a hold on this transaction and then for some unknown reason still released the money (they must have known something was amiss). This fraud attack took place on 13 January 13. They sent me an email wanting to check no one had accessed my account without my permission, and I went through the process of changing passwords for both accounts, security qs etc worried that this person/hacker already has my personal information (I have since also removed my bank card from my PayPal account). I received an email advising I must have given my details for PayPal to a third party or fell for a phishing scam. I have lost count of the amount of times I have advised them since that before I became self employed I work for Lloyds private bank who make staff take regular assessments on phishing scams and protecting our identity, and am aware more than most of not what to do with personal information, and so was angry they could have suggested this. I have cooperated since the start of this and sent a copy of my driver’s licence as they requested to prove who I was, confirmed other information and they lifted the limitation on both eBay and PayPal. I reported this to the fraud team metropolitan police and am a member of CIFAS now in case my details are passed on as PayPal have not provided me with a reason for how this happened and what they were doing to prevent further attacks. Then on 18 March my bank took the funds back of £568.75. After hours I discovered PayPal had authorised a chargeback from my bank advising the transaction for this phone from Mohammed Riaz (shown on my PayPal account) was legitimate and they had received a documents from this so called seller (this document I have requested to see countless times) to prove so – absolute rubbish ! and still continuing to refer to me as the ‘buyer’ (this purchase does not exist certainly not from my end anyway). PayPal advised me on the phone the same day they had credited my account and had no idea what my bank as talking about and that I should not only cause a fuss on the branch but should complain –which I did and I am glad, my bank were extremely helpful although admitted there was no document sent to them just a letter from PayPal advising that they were in receipt of a doc. PayPal have now closed the account and are now ignoring me. I am so frustrated as I had this money in my account one day and the next I didn’t- just because I was stupid enough to have a PayPal and EBay account full stop and it was hacked and they are admitting no fault whatsoever. I have spent hours collating a file with evidence and the constant contact I have made to them and the purchase history log in my Ebay account showing ‘0’ purchases for this year 2013 etc. They have even gone to the lengths of changing information in the contact history log to my horror (luckily I have printed out these logs since the start of this) to make it look like the seller has made contact and PayPal and have deleted my entries. Very very odd. I have complained direct also to the PayPal HQ in Luxembourg and they are also ignoring as well as Ebay the address for Ireland (who called back and advised me they had nothing to do with it). I have considered just giving up and loosing this money but I just can’t it is eating me up everyday and every day I am contacting someone and intend to file a court claim against them- there must be other innocent people this has happened to. Their security lacks their customer service is none existent and the HQ does not response to escalated complaints and there is no governing body of here to regulate them. PAYPAL ARE DODGY – DO NOT CONTINUE USING THEM CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNTS BE SENSIBLE PLEASE FOR YOUR OWN SANITY Sarah Smith UK

  3. Beth on

    Paypal Stole my money and it has been six months. Paypal is keeping almost $3,000 dollars of mine and are not releasing it. They are thieves. I hate ebay and paypal they are the worst company’s to deal with!!

    • karl on

      i paid all my ebay fees before dates and was in good standing my selling got shut do by outragious claimes from other users non of who owned anyrights for items they say i was selling or had even purchased any of my items .. everyone that did was happy.. ebay is a terrible place of buisness a bit like a local car bootsale just full of traders that swoop on the non traders stalls before anyone else or them knows whats happening to get the best goods … ts totally out of touch

  4. Donald on

    PayPal are liars. Racists and theives. They are paid off by the larger merchants to steal as much as possible. I can prove they forge documents destroy transactions and run one of the largest drug cartels in the united States. The ones who are directly responsible for the Resolution Center complaints are black panther want to bes. One was convicted of raping a two year old boy and another cut his mother’s