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PayPal Assists Fraud

By Paul

I purchased an item on Ebay, where payment through PayPal was required.

The item was a complete fake, sent from China, but was the listing said it was located in Canada. I notified PayPal, and EBay (the parent company to PayPal) and got nowhere.  After multiple complaints, I heard back once through a form email that they were “investigating”. Nothing was ever done, and I received a threatening, obscenity laced email from the seller, who had frauded many others after my negative feedback to him (the 1st bad feedback he had).

I can only conclude that PayPal not only allows, but assists, fraudulent sales. After all, they still earn their cut.

PayPal takes deposits from sellers, I thought to protect against fraud.  But now I realize those deposits are to increase revenues/balances/interest income for PayPal only.

Why hasn’t PayPal (and EBay) been shutdown? If they don’t offer any protection, lie explicitly about insurance coverage, and allow and encourage fraud, I’m stunned that they continue to operate.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 8:12 am

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