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PayPal is OK until it’s not and then it gets BAD!

The last 10 years I’ve bought, sold and used Paypal, there’s never been any issues until recently. PayPal starting withholding funds and blaming it on eBay, even though they could immediately resolve it. Now I ran into an idiot buyer, he wanted a refund…o.k….but didn’t want to pay shipping…not our deal! So, the return address he gets from eBay is actually the “registration address” I tell him this (I moved years ago) so he opens a claim and gets his refund from pp. now eBay sent me an invoice for 30$ for the sale and most recently an invoice for $300 for the item. I explained to the smarmy prick I don’t have the item and where is it? He said it was sent to my preferred return address…an outright lie.
He told me I should change a couple addresses in my settings and I told him I’m closing my accounts and notifying my bank…he doesn’t miss a beat…tells me my account can’t be closed and they will give it to a collection agency and it would be best if I tracked down the item. He was right on the ball and business cordial, like he gets this 20 times a day in the “resolution center”.
You can always tell how bad a business screws it’s customers by the amount of security at the front door…

Posted: March 20, 2015 at 6:42 pm

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