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I don’t know why Paypal banned my account permanently.

One day, I login to my email to find a message from Paypal stating:
“We routinely review account activity in the PayPal system. When we reviewed
your account, we noticed that your activity violates some of the agreements
you have with us.

Because of this, we’ve limited your accounts and can no longer offer our
services to you. You’ll still be able to log in to view your transaction
history, but you won’t be able to send or receive money.

What’s the problem?

We noticed one or more of the following problems:

1. You provided information that we believe was false, inaccurate, or
misleading; or

2. You sent or received money that was potentially related to fraudulent
activity; or

3. You have more than one account with a negative balance; or

4. You are in violation of the User Agreement, the Commercial Entity
Agreement, the Acceptable Use Policy, or another agreement you have with

Our decision was based on terms outlined in these agreements.

What to do next

As allowed under the User Agreement, we’ll hold the money in your account
for 45 days. We’ll use your balance to reimburse buyers who file claims,
chargebacks, or any other reversals against you.  Before we reimburse the
buyer, in most cases, you’ll have a chance to respond to the claim,
chargeback, or reversal.

We’ll send you an email after 45 days letting you know when you can
withdraw money from your accounts.

If you think that we permanently limited your accounts in error, you may
appeal this decision. Just go the Help Centre and click Contact Us.

When you contact us, we’ll need some information to process your appeal.
Please have your drivers’ licence, a current utility bill, your business
licence, your articles of incorporation, or other identifying documentation

I emailed them asking why they’re accusing me of those things, because I was using my account legitimately. I demanded from them to send me documented facts, and I got no response. The next day some woman from Paypal calls me up, and starts reading me some bullshit letter about how they “regret to inform me” that they banned my account permanently. When I asked what’s the actual reason, she said “this is confidential information” and the bitch hung up on me.

Posted: May 21, 2012 at 4:17 pm

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6 thoughts on “I don’t know why Paypal banned my account permanently.
  1. Angela Tromallie on

    I got the same letter and had the same out come; banned my account permanently. And they never told me why. I have no idea why I was banned I had not violated any of the things they listed. I was a small time seller with a verified account.
    My favorite part of the e-mail was”If you think that we permanently limited your accounts in error, you may
    appeal this decision. Just go the Help Centre and click Contact Us.” I did try to contact them but got nothing but automated e-mails and over the phone I was not told anything because it was “confidential”!! BS if you are asking me.

  2. Kyle on

    That is just fucking crazy!!!! I dont understand how they make up this shit. They do it as they go along. this is why i got away from the n2 years ago. i went with and i have never been happier

  3. Jill on

    No body ever knows why Paypal bans accounts, freezes funds or why they treat the people using their service like shit. I wonder why so many people put up with there ever changing rules (which always work to their favor). My money is on hold and you better believe I’m gonna shut my Paypal account as soon as I can get something up and running with a real business!

  4. Jaimie on

    I got the same letter as well and was banned forever! Al tough at the time I was devastated I couldnt be more happier now. After reading all these horror stories Im glad they did this. It gave me the opportunity to find a way better company then paypal. easy hassle free and you get your money in 2 business days.

  5. Charlie C on

    THey did the same thing to me 6 months ago and I got no reason as to why. I fought for 3 months with them. That got me absolutely no where. I finally gave up on them especially reading all these horror stories about them. I went with a real merchant company and haven’t looked back since

  6. Cherise Coleman on

    I was limited by PayPal without any reason. They nearly put my business into bankruptcy and almost forced me to foreclose on my home. Not only that, they didn’t bother to help me try to appeal my account. Total rubbish. I had to hire Auction Essistance to help me get back on.