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PayPal is a big mistake to WORLD commerce

What in the WORLD is our leaders doing, to allowing a SINGLE entity to control Ebay and making it a (sole) dominant ePayment?
It is a great injustice to all. This is why PayPal is becoming a PARASITE in broad daylight with so many etc problems.

They promised the seller of no chargebacks and buyer of “protection”, when in fact, behind the scenes, their business strategy to protect only itself from owing up to their responsibility

A merchant sent me a bulk junk item which is not in the slightest hint similar to what I bought, and despite seller having a lot of neg feedback, PayPal wants me to send it back to the merchant . The claim is only for 20.95 and checking with local post office online showed the cost is about 95% of the refund amount (excluding the labour /tme to the post office and packing) – in a sense I dont get my money back! The amount is not significant for me to lie or what not.

According to credit card agreement, seller must send correct item, and I am buyer not be responsible for the seller’s mistake of sending his personal belonging and expect other ppl to return it back to him (that is, assuming it was a mistake, which I doubt any reasonable seller would do, unless that person deliberately want to unreasonable, ie scamming)

After reading many blogs, I think it the idea that PayPal has “Seller Protection Policy” and “Buyer Protection Policy” is a veil from PayPal to protect itself from owing up to those policies they themselves falsely advertised.

It is only a marketing gimmick and a trickery of them – as if anything goes wrong, they cant and wont really owe it to that “advert banner”, as that would be they would be taking some losses

So, all buyers, when you have any problem, dont trust PayPal, FILE STRAIGHT AWAY CHARGE DISPUTE with your card issuer

Posted: September 10, 2013 at 6:10 pm

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