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PayPal Blackmailed Me

By Jeff

I put some time sensitive tickets for sale on EBAY.  The event was one week before the final sale.  Therefore, I could not sell them again.   The final bid was $51.00 and I did have PAYPAL as an option.  The bidder promptly sent me the payment.  When I tried to accept the payment, I was brought to another WEB PAGE.  This page demanded my personal bank account number. 

Note: In the past, I did give them my credit number to make purchases through PAYPAL.  However, this time I was selling and money was coming into my account.  Not wanting to give them my bank account number, I refused by clicking on the appropriate icon.  The original web page returned and informed my customer that I denied his payment!

Due to the expiration date of the tickets and the fact that the customer did try to pay, I mailed him the tickets anyway.  I asked him to please send me a check for the bid amount.  The bidder did not send me the payment.  I am now out $51.00 and there was no reason for it!  In addition, I am also out $3.50 for the priority mail fee.

I contacted PAYPAL and informed them that what they did was wrong.  I also asked them how to pursue the collection of my payment.  Their complaint web site said they would respond promptly.  RUBBISH!  I have not received any answer!

Holding up my payment on the basis of obtaining personal bank information amounts to nothing more that BLACK MAIL!  These people should be shut down.

I should point out one more issue.  PAYPAL is owned by EBAY!  At this point, I don’t trust EBAY anymore that PAYPAL and will avoid doing business with both in the future.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 11:50 am

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