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Paypal is blocking my credit card and account

Recently a ticket service I had to deal with only accepted PayPal payments. I tried using my credit card without registering and it got declined. I then recalled that I did have a paypal account that I made about a decade ago to sell a singe item on Ebay and haven’t touched since. It had a card associated with it – one that expired ages ago. Same number as my current one, but different expiry date and a different security code. Also the address was out of date. I figured the old account constituted a dead record with conflicting information. So I update the info, hoping to be able to pay for service as a registered user, but no! The account gets locked up. Because I changed personal information, I now need to validate my identity and how? By supplying the most sensitive information I would never share with an organization such as PayPal.

I go for the easiest option, which involves responding to an automated phonecall. I enter my cell phone and it gets declined, because a landline is required instead (something they forget to mention ahead of time). I’ve been living without a landline for longer than 10 years and know plenty of people who ditched theirs recently. What about people in similar situations?

I’m about to look for a different option, but no! When I get back to the same web page, PayPal informs me that they have sent a personal letter to my newly listed address for verification. I’ve given them no instructions to do so, but they took the initiative and did it anyway. Until the letter gets to me (if it ever does), I am presented with no options. I can’t even ask for a repeat letter in case the 1st one gets stuck, or tossed out by the postman along with the rest of junk snail mail (as typically instructed).

Paypal now has my recently updated personal info, my active credit card and god knows what. My account is limited and I still cannot use the credit card to pay for the service.

I’m forced to borrow my spouse’s card and pray that the record of it does not exist somewhere in PayPal’s database. It goes through, fortunately and I’m done for the day.

I now patiently await arrival of the letter so I could unfreeze my zero-balance account and delete it once and for all.

Knowing the type of company PayPal is, I expect to never be free of them completely. The data they mine is too precious to be destroyed at a press of a button. They say they’re keen on protecting users from scammers, but their whole operation runs like a scam. The e-mails I receive from them read like a Nigerian Prince’s personal diary.

Posted: December 2, 2013 at 7:04 pm

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