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Paypal allows bogus company to use their service

I ordered a pair of sandals on July 26, on line from a company web site, called I waited 2 weeks to see that my order has been submitted and is pending but my paypal account was charged. I have tried contacting the company directly, but they have not responded. I also wrote to paypal and complained and filed a dispute. However, I did call and got a person at paypal who said they contacted the seller and there is a shipping number registered. When looking on that USPS site it says that it has been shipped and is moving around China, but that last report was August 2. I then decided to check on line and there are numerous reports about this bogus company operating and not sending anything unless somebody complains and then they claim that they shipped but what arrives is something like a pen or showercap. I find it difficult to believe that paypal would deal with a company that is totally bogus. I would like my money back but they said I should wait another 10 days, but I don’t like the runaround that is coming. What can I do about this?

Posted: August 20, 2012 at 3:35 pm

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3 thoughts on “Paypal allows bogus company to use their service
  1. Patrick O'Neil on

    Paypal pretends to care and claims that they want you to contact them to report scammers but in reality they don’t do a damn thing about it. I bought a new screen for my android and never got it and when I started to research the seller there had been numerous complaints about him not shipping or shipping empty boxes so ebay and paypal were well aware of this seller not “playing” by the rules but they still allowed him to continue using their services to rip off people.

  2. JayJay on

    DId you pay by a personal credit card of bank through paypal? If you did them you can filed a charge back with either of the 2. That might be the best way to get your money back. Paypla are crooks just like the people who scammed you and thats why they wont go after them.

  3. Mickey on

    How about doing your research about a Chinese company BEFORE you send your money?