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PayPal doesn’t even bother looking at what you send them

I sold a phone for £224 to someone in Portugal (I live in the UK). It had been warranty repaired by HTC before it was sent, so it was effectively brand new. A month after the sale, he contacts me to tell me it’s broken. I tell him to send it to HTC for repair, he’s ‘uncomfortable’ with this and wants his money back. I refuse and say it should be repaired.

He raises it with Paypal, who immediately debit me the full amount. I contact Paypal, saying under Sales of Goods 1982, I can offer a repair to the guy. The person there advises that it’ll go his way anyway. So I say, fine and then he sends the phone back to me (I can get it warranty repaired anyway). Phone come back and I send it to HTC, they report – liquid damage and unauthorised repair attempts.

I get straight onto Paypal, who take this information and, after careful deliberation – close the case and give the guy his money back.
I raise an appeal, upload several photos showing the damage, proof the phone was warranty repaired before I sent it, an email from HTC saying it would never have worked in this condition. Appeal is denied.

I ring them, why is the appeal closed? I can prove the phone was in factory condition when I sent it out. And I’m asked “Can you prove this?” – to which I say, yes, it’s all in the uploaded documents I sent you. “Oh, I can see there are lots of documents. I’ll need to escalate this to a claims manager.”
And that’s where we are stuck right now.

Posted: July 30, 2012 at 4:55 pm

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4 thoughts on “PayPal doesn’t even bother looking at what you send them
  1. Algot on

    I had all my ducks in a row as far as proof that the buyer received and was happy with the Bose speakers they bought from me. I had positive feed back, delivery confirmation, emails from the buyer stating he was very happy and would like to buy a second pair of speakers for his son for his b-day. I mean what more can PayPal ask for? Well let me tell you, the (insert expletive)-buyer filed a claim that he never received the item 3 weeks later. I wasn’t worried since I had proof that it was delivered and he left +feedback. Not even 8 hours later PayPal refunds the buyer the full amount. I had responded to the dispute right away and submitted all my evidence non of which paypal looked at. I am so pissed I cannot even tell you. How does this happen?

  2. Sergeant Copán on

    If you appeal has been denied then you are out of luck. Even if you contact paypal they will not do much for you. Once a case is closed it’s closed. I would take this as a pricey experience and never use them again.

  3. Jennifer MacDonald on

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Payapl limited my account and ask for all kinds of information. Ex: utility bill, social security card etc. I sent this information into them multiple times and each time they came back asking for the same information. I spent weeks trying to get this straightened out and never could. I finally got fed up and went to another company.

  4. Marcella Santos on

    I agree, they don’t pay close attention to detail whatsoever. Good luck actually getting through to someone who can assist you. Getting in contact with anyone who will truly assist you at Paypal is not a small feat. I had an issue with my bank account and it took weeks (yes, you read that correctly) to have the problem corrected. I changed my name and bank account after getting married and I logged on to update the account with Paypal. No matter what I put in I got an error code. I still use them but I’m frantically searching for a better processing solution.