This website is a collection of horror stories, news reports and other information addressing problems with Paypal, Inc..

All of a sudden my log in information was not working

its hillarious, i logged into my paypal, everything worked well, just after a little while my friend from UK told me he sent me money, I got an email , there was a button Reedeem your money now, so i … Continue reading

PayPal Pain And Agony

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I have used Paypal for 2 years for Ebay Transactions. It wasn’t until I had a big transaction of over $300 dollars going through my Paypal, that I had a problem. Paypal has froze the … Continue reading

PayPal Is Trash

By Pam Paypal is trash. I was told by Paypal 1/2 year ago that they consider  “item received significantly different than described” to be -  auction said genuine Louis Vitton, and I received a fake.  That is the example they … Continue reading

PayPal Targets Electronic Publishers and Authors

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous PayPal has been freezing the merchant accounts of Electronic Publishers, Authors and Book Distributors that sell erotica, erotic romance, romance and erotic SF/F e-books. Their supposed reason is that these businesses and individuals have violated … Continue reading

PayPal Pulled Funds From Wrong Account!

By Jason Lane     I recently have had a horror story with Paypal. I had to make 9 calls into the center and placed on hold for up to 30mins each time. The program asked me which account I wanted … Continue reading

No Problems Until Things Got Real Bad

By Jan Harriss I sold an item on ebay. I mailed it on the 25. On the 26th, Paypal sent me an email saying  the buyer was complainng that they hadn’t gotten their item. The website “resolution” center gives you … Continue reading

PayPal Ripp-Off

By Ronald Sold a item on ebay and customer paid through a credit card through Pay-Pal. One approximately 2 months later I received a email from Pay-Pal saying that my account was debited the amount of the item that was … Continue reading

Can They Do This to Me?

By Brett I sold an item using paypal, the buyer (4 months later) claims the item was not as advertised and did a chargeback through there credit card company.  Now paypal has informed us that we are in negative balance … Continue reading