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Paypal allows buyers to return item after 4 months

Worse service ever. In the last 2 months Paypal has forced me to return items because buyers have suddenly developed a case of buyers remorse. This last time the item is being returned after 4 months. FOUR MONTHS! The item was as described and unopened.

Now when I get the item back and if it’s in good condition with all its parts. I will have to resell it at a reduced price. So I ask you: Why buy retail and worry about a standard 15-30 return policy when you can go to ebay, an online AUCTION site. Pay with paypal and basically rent an item for a few months and then claim it wasn’t as described and return the item for a full refund?

Paypal, I am NOT running a Rent-a-center here. I sell stuff in auctions to get ahead of bills and have a little extra cash. You have no respect for sellers at all. What’s the point of an auction if you are going well beyond a standard retail return policy. I swear, once a good Paypal alternative, you can kiss me goodbye.

Posted: April 19, 2016 at 6:59 pm

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3 thoughts on “Paypal allows buyers to return item after 4 months
  1. GREG on

    Instead of my story I want to point something out Pay Pal says they “Insure” your purchases What they really do it just charge it back to the poor soul that sold it if they did anything wrong or not! Banks are NOT allowed to freeze someones money it is Illegal ! There are cases where they have done this and gotten away with it for MONTHS ! I have heard as much as 6 months! I had 100% feedback on Ebay and got screwed also for NO reason ! It is NOT if, It is When,if you think it will not happen to you you are wrong ! They should have been called on this long ago ! They must being paying the proper people off !

  2. wilson on

    paypal se a convertido en lo peor estaba enpesando un negocio en ebay y tosdo estaba bien .de un dia al otro me congelaron la cuenta con mi dinero por 180 dias es frustrante porque llame al servicio al cliente y dicen por politicas de paypal y no le dicen el motivoesta gente se creen en hacer lo que les da la gana con el dinero de los demas dinero trabajado que uno necesita para seguir trabajando ahora todo esta mal Dios quiera que acaben con paypal de una vez.

  3. Cherise Coleman on

    It has been over a year since one of my buyers bought something, yet they were still able to open a dispute and win. PayPals policy state they are only allowed 6 months to open a dispute, but lo and behold, PayPal does a full swing and sides with buyer. I am out of the money and item and nearly a $1000 negative balance.

    It is situations like this where stealth accounts offered by Auction Essistance come in handy.