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Paypal said I was buying illegal items meanwhile they’re illegally holding my money

I saw a car on e-bay that I wanted to buy, I decided to send $500 deposit. After that I received a letter from PayPal saying that I was buying or selling illegal items so I decided to cancel the purchase. When I asked PayPal to refund my $500 they refused to do it until I will send them copy of the last 3 purchases plus an explanation of my business , that happened in August 2013.
Since then I’ve been trying to resolve such an uncomfortable situation they have sent me to certain webs and e-mail addresses to give them an explanation they require in order to release my $500 but the stupid website allowed 60 characters only, I have spoke with several PayPal reps and there is no way to resolve the situation, it is ridiculous that PayPal said that I was buying illegal items, when they are keeping my money with no reason, I would say that what they do is illegal, but who will stop that? I hope that all these corruption will end.

Posted: December 11, 2013 at 6:52 pm

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