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Paypal Here card swiper didn’t work

I decided to use paypal as an easy way to get paid for small services that I provide. One client uses their paypal account to pay me and that worked fine. Another wanted to use a credit card. So I ordered the card swipper for my phone. The swiper didn’t work for whatever reason so I was left to input the numbers manually on my phone. This worked the transaction processed and my balance showed the funds transferred. Later that day I went to Lowes to get some supplies for the long weekend and found that my account has been frozen. Not just the funds that were just added by my entire account. I called and was told that they needed more information and after I provided it they gave me no clue as to when my account would be unfroze. When I complained about the service I was told that Paypal isn’t for everyone.

Thanks Paypal you have just made my weekend!
I will at my first opportunity close this account even though it’s seemed to be a very good idea. NOT!

Posted: July 11, 2013 at 7:11 pm

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