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So sick of PayPal and their BS

I am so sick of them – they told me to change my password at Paypal (years ago) I changed it three times and then they told me to change it again – I got disgusted and quit trying since … Continue reading

Never ever use paypal for anything…ever!

It’s unbeleeeeeeevable!!! 36 hours of dealing with them over at PayPal,.. they said back up your account and it’ll be immediate pay through paypal.. So I set up 2 credit cards and my bank account..weeks in advance..and made sure all … Continue reading

Paypal Here card swiper didn’t work

I decided to use paypal as an easy way to get paid for small services that I provide. One client uses their paypal account to pay me and that worked fine. Another wanted to use a credit card. So I … Continue reading

PayPal Messing Me Around

I have used paypal for years, and never had any issues – until now. I am in the UK. It is all started a couple of weeks ago. I tried to pay for some things on ebay and paypal reversed … Continue reading

Paypal is very deceptive

They gave me a master card which i never wanted. Their promotions are deceptive. It is extremely difficult to make a payment. Spent hours trying to get an agent on the telephone — never happened. This company is the worse … Continue reading

Debit Card Warning

By Mike Fleming Does PayPal’s Debit Card have an unfair advantage in the industry due to no regulation by Regulators? By Mike Fleming PayPal’s popularity has dropped because consumers have perceived, and accurately so, that the company waffled when it … Continue reading

Illegal ATM Card Use

By Paddy I have a paypal account and have had it for almost two years, but now, unauthorized transactions were made on my account via my paypal ATM card that paypal issued me. The only people who had access to this … Continue reading

They Want Card Number

By Auriel I recently signed on to paypal, and now I recieve an email, telling me they want my bank card no. for security purposes. Does this sound legal? I don’t want to give that out to them, but they … Continue reading

PayPal Is Fraud

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous I recieved an email claiming to be from PayPal about a charge of $62.00 paid The email requested to click on a link to sign into my account and then ask for my debit … Continue reading

PayPal Stole My Money

By Phil I started a Paypal account about a month ago as well as an Ebay account.  I have sold a few items and everything was going smoothly, until, I get an email that says “Account Access Limited” I only … Continue reading