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Paypal does not care to keep my business and told me to go elsewhere

I signed-up for a paypal merchant account in November of 2012. No problems at first, bank account verified, etc. Then limitation notice appeared on screen saying they needed more info about me and “this limitation not appealable.” After 40-50 phone calls and emails with only automated responses, no help. One rep. actually told me to used Google Wallet (which I have and is fine, but not same customer recognition), even though we both knew eBay would not take Google. Bottom-line, they are the “king of the hill” and know it. they are not interested in one customer when I will be replaced by 100 others, so why bother to help me? (Apparently, that is their approach).
I have since replaced paypal with which is eBay compatible and have not had any limitation problems whatsoever.

Posted: April 22, 2013 at 6:34 pm

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