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Paypal changed the way you fund transactions

This is about Pay Pal’s online payment process. I March of this year PP made a change in their payment process. They changed the way you fund your transaction, giving you some options, which you didn’t have before, that sounds great except they DID NOT COMMUNICATE the change to us users. So that little failure to communicate cost me $246.00 in overdraft fees from my bank, before I realized what was happening.
Now here we are again PP has made a slight change in there payment process and NOT COMMUNITATED IT AGAIN. In September they introduced TURBO PAY and with the click of a mouse it cost me $70 in overdraft fees. Because they took the money out of an account that I do not use, thus no money in it.
The first time I wrote them a long email demanding some action some response, but not an F ing word, this time I have decided that it is tooo expensive to use PP so I am closing all my accounts and will pay some other way that doesn’t F me over

Posted: June 27, 2014 at 6:35 pm

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