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PayPal changed the terms of my Dispute

I never received the merchandise I had purchased with PayPal. Disputed the charge which was escalated to a claim. Meanwhile the time limit for initiating a chargeback was running out so I initiated the chargeback. Paypal says that since a shipping label was printed (which the seller did after the dispute was escalated) paypal considers that as merchandise sent. The merchandise not received claim was closed by paypal and they opened a merchandise not as described resolution. Meanwhile since my credit card chargeback was for merchandise not received, which is was not, paypal says it was an improper chargeback and limited my account. I never received the merchandise and paypal improperly changed the term of my dispute to Item not as described. I don’t know what the item looks like because I NEVER GOT IT! This has been a horrible experience for me, it’s like being stuck in the twilight zone where common sense doesn’t exists. Will not be using paypal ever again.

Posted: July 3, 2012 at 2:11 pm

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3 thoughts on “PayPal changed the terms of my Dispute
  1. Alex on

    It really is a shame the way paypal operates. At least you charged it back with your credit card company so hopefully you got your money back. The problem is they have no protection for buyers or sellers. This company all around sucks. I will never use them again. If I want to opurchse something and the seller uses paypal I look elsewhere.

  2. Eliana Moss on

    If it wasn’t for the fact that you are losing money to paypal this is pretty comical. Paypal is so confused by their own rules and regulations and then go and do a bonehead move like changing the terms of the dispute. None of this makes any sense at all. I wish this would be on Judge Judy she would rip paypal a new one. Which is exactly what needs to be done to paypal. If anything paypal should have just ruled in favor of the buyer (since printing a shipping label means you shipped your item according to paypal) . But to go and change it to Item not as described is just stupid. You never once even claimed this since you never got the item for goodness sake.

  3. Shalima on

    You are so right when you said they have no common sense. It’s actually quite amusing. I love how they change the rules as they go along and do as they please. Just crazy! At least you should get your money back from filing the dispute with your credit card company