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PayPal Chargeback horror

I had a payment taken on my website on 10/28/2013 via paypal. Paypal placed the payment on hold for 526.07 for 24 hours then released the funds stating that i could ship the item. I waited an additional two business days to wait to see if I would hear anything else from paypal. Nothing. I shipped the item out on 11/01/2013. Item arrived at customers house on 11/04/2013 with signature.

On 11/07/2013 paypal sends me an email stating that they need more information in regards to a payment, provided me the transaction id number. i searched for the order sent the information (shipping and signature information) 2 hours later i receive an additional email stating that the same exact transaction that had emailed me earlier was now a chargeback and i need to respond with tracking and signature information. Called back again and stated that i had already sent in the information, by this time the account is negative. I asked paypal to reverse the charge back to my account since they could visual see i sent the item to the address THAT THEY CONFIRMED and put the payment on a 24hr hold and cleared it.

This went on for weeks the payment would be credited to my account then take back. Finally i spoke with a manager who assisted me after being bounced around and he stated that he would place the credit back and it would be a temporary credit because i provided the information necessary. Paypal then sent me an email a few days later stating that he case was closed in my favor and that my money would be created back to the account. FINE present day as of 02/06/2014 there was a transfer to from my account without any type of communication to paypal for 510.00. an hour and 30 minutes after being bounced around they said it was for the chargeback done back on 11/07/2013 WTF???? basically they said i won the initial case for “unauthorized charge” but the buyer turned around and filed one with his/her bank and I lost because that persons bank found the chargeback in the buyers seller so l lost. Nothing was done. I’m not getting my money back and it was a wage of my time.

Posted: February 6, 2014 at 6:00 pm

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