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PayPal Chargeback

By Mike

In January 2005, I sold a Major League baseball autographed by Ted Williams, on Ebay for just over $600.00. My auction stated that the winner should contact me within 24 hours to advise of method of payment. The buyer, who’s name is Dennis Thorpe of Anaheim, Ca. was using the Ebay handle “prosumer5.” Thorpe did not contact me within 24 hours so I initiated contact with him. To make a long story short, I had a heck of a time getting Thorpe to pay me for the baseball. He finally did after 5 days.

The very next morning after I received payment, I shipped the baseball to Thorpe, very carefully and nicely packaged, via USPS Priority Mail, insured and with delivery confirmation. I verified the delivery which occurred two days later, online using the USPS tracking number on my delivery confirmation receipt. Approximately a month later, Thorpe filed a claim through his credit card company claiming he never received the ball. The credit card company in turn issued a chargeback against Paypal, who in turn passed the chargeback on to me. Time and again, I provided Paypal with irrefutable proof of delivery of the baseball, but they totally disregarded this information and allowed, if not purposely aided, Thorpe to steal my baseball and an additional $600.00 plus approx $60 in sales fees and other “chargeback” fees.

After Thorpe stole my baseball, on his next Ebay deal he stiffed another Ebay seller by posting the high bid but not paying on guess what? An autographed Ted Williams baseball! The seller in this case posted negative feedback on “prosumer5″ for non-payment. I was going to post negative feeback on “prosumer5″ as well but he immediately cancelled his account and is listed as “No longer a registered user.” Imagine that. Paypal will never see another cent of my money, and neither will Dennis Thorpe. Stay away from both of them. I’ll get most of my money back from the insurance which I filed with USPS. Other than that, I’m content with knowing that what goes around comes around.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:58 pm

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3 thoughts on “PayPal Chargeback
  1. Pablo Ecobero on

    PAYPAL WILL RIP YOU OFF> CONTEST AN ISSUE AND YOU CAN LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY case/transaction number referenced in the subject of your email is not listed on the account associated with the email address you contacted us with.

    For security reasons, we ask you to please re-submit your inquiry from the primary email address on the PayPal account associated with the transaction in question, so we may access the information needed to assist you.

    We look forward to your reply.
    Please let me know if you need further assistance.


    Protection Services Department
    LIKE I SAID. I could make a living ripping people off. Guess which two are the BS artist. I believe that is the degree . A book. The other cut and paste like ARTIST could never have the creativity nor the talent except round heads. I will succeed without him or you. “I HAVE ILLUSTRATED 50 BOOKS Mostly same authors from what I have seen,&ALL ROUND HEADS AND LOOK LIKE KIDS. I do not see any awards or degrees on child psychologist.The judgement went in his favor because he lied and you did not ask me to counter; I will find other NEW PAY PAL services. That ARTIST would have swamped me with drawings in two hours and ripped me off, I can puff up my resume Your loss in the long run.THERE ARE NOT TWO BIRDS IN MY STORY ! FOR THE KIDS TO FOCUS.STOP SENDING ME PAY PAL CRAP Just go away.
    — On Thu, #/##/##, wrote:
    Thank you for contacting PayPal.

    From researching your account history, I can see that your case has been resolved. The case was closed in the seller’s favor due to the fact that we do not cover virtual/intangible items and in this case it was for a service. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance.

    Original Message Follows: ————————

    You’ve got Cash!

    This email confirms that the Pending Refund you received for USD from has cleared. The funds are now reflected in your PayPal balance.
    Twenty cents !
    Refund Details

    Payment details

    Chris Padovano




    Chris Padovano has denied your refund request to settle this dispute.
    Instead, Chris Padovano is offering a refund ofUSD.

    Please visit the Resolution Center to let the seller know whether you agree
    to this amount.

    Transaction Details

    Seller’s Name: Chris Padovano
    Seller’s Email:
    Buyer’s Transaction ID:



    Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you
    will not receive a response. For wrote:

    Thank you for contacting PayPal.
    After reviewing the attached email, I am unable to determine to;which transaction you are referring. Please reply to this email with the following information about the transaction.

    ;Email address for other party involved in this transaction:
    Transaction Amount:

    With this information we will be able to research the transaction and provide you with the information you are requesting.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.Please let me know if you need further assistance.


    Mohamed&;The Jeweler
    Protection Services Department
    PayPal, an eBay Company
    Original Message Follows: ————————
    >Topic: ‘Disputes’
    >Sub Topic: ‘Buyer Complaints’

    ‘What favors have you given me? The artist lied I could p[rove it. You did not listen. He ripped me off for and would have finished me off had I not stopped him after the second drawing. YOU DID NOT LISTEN TO FAIRLY. HE DID WHAT HE WANTED. HE DOES NOT HAVE A MASTER IN CHILD PSYCHOLOGY to change my drawings. He could not match the talent required so he sent this crap two drawings that everyone I have shown just shake their head. “I have illustrated 50 books. So WHAT THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME ! He lied , you did not listen to me. He had access to over ## drawings of mine ,but claimed I gave him one. #200 for ten- twenty minutes of work?

    I do not trust you.’

  2. Steve Katsikas on

    Was the victim of chargeback fraud selling a videocard to someone from Mexico. After they completed payment and the item was shipped, they deactivated their eBay account prompting warnings from eBay that something seemed fishy, and that I shouldn’t ship the item (warning was a little too late). Two months later, I get a notice from PayPal that the buyer opened a chargeback case, stating that they never authorized the payment from their CC. After the investigation, I was told I had to pay the buyer back the full amount, plus a fee for their fraud investigation! I was told I lost the chargeback case because I didn’t have the tracking number for the shipment. Meanwhile, I shipped through eBay/PayPal, and the tracking number is stored on PayPal itself! For some reason, this is the one transaction out of the bunch where the tracking number and shipping invoice couldn’t be found! There’s a link right on my PayPal, but for some reason this link leads to a dead end. Maybe they only store the shipping info for a set period of time? If so, you think it’d be at least as long as their window to initiate chargeback accusations! What really burns is that the case has nothing to do with the product not being received, or the product being misrepresented. This is someone paying for the product, receiving it in good working order, then telling their CC company that they never ok’d the payment. As much as I hate the CC companies, when you’re the victim of fraud, they’ll actually go to bat for you and absorb the cost. PayPal assumes you’re wrong, then makes you pay for it. I lost the video card, the money it was worth, and the expensive shipping fee to Mexico, plus their bullsh*t fee!

    Being pissed off, I thought I just wouldn’t pay the negative balance in my PayPal account. Really, what can they do? They just arbitrarily charged me $140 with nothing to back their claim. If I received proof my product didn’t get there, or that it was broken on receipt, they may have something, but that wasn’t the case. I didn’t pay up until I received a phonecall from PayPal collections saying that if I didn’t pay, the amount was going to collections. Dumbfounded, I grudgingly paid the balance immediately and just made the promise never to use PayPal again. Yesterday, I receive a letter from the local collections company coming after me for the $140, despite having already paid! Not only are the as*holes, they’re incompetent as*holes!

    I’ve been a PayPal user for close to 10 years, but that’s finally come to an end.

  3. steve on

    I have a Paypal merchant account. I’ve caught them not disputing my chargebacks. I’ve only had 2 the past few years, but after sending in all the the evidence they asked for to dispute them, they claim there was insufficient evidence to dispute the chargebacks. It states this right on their website under their Resolution Center. When I call and ask them about it, they claim they did submit the information to the customer credit card company. I ask them to prove it and they say only with a subpoena.

    Anyone has a similar experience?