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Paypal cheat seller

A very bad experience with Paypal, it is my 1st and last time useing Paypal, i am new to Paypal, 03/09/2014 my buyer transfer me USD $320, and USD $744, and chasing me to release digital item, i called paypal 6 times to confirm that i can release my product, few hour later paypal limited my account and the next couple of hours, they told me the real card holder claim his card has unauthorized transaction. and 04/09/2014, Paypal refund the balance to the card holder and tell me this is their decision. I call paypal and ask what about my rights and they replied that digital item is not under seller protection scheme. so i lost USD1000.00 without any compensation. Never in my life use paypal again, hope people open you eyes before dealing with Paypal.

Posted: September 4, 2014 at 6:54 pm

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