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PayPal Cheated The Seller

By Michael

Sold an Item on Ebay. had been selling for about a year and have a high # of feedback with 99% positive feedback rating.  I also buy on ebay regularly.  Item sold to individual in `chicago area was a new item out of box, never used.  I took pictures of it and tested it before selling.  Shipped to ebay winner.  Sold it with free shipping which was actually more than the cost of the item.  10 days later he emails me that it is broken and wants all his money back.  After I responded to his email he admits he did not know how to use item and took it apart.  It was now non functioning.  I offered 50 % of his auction cost back but told him that was all since he took it apart and since most of my cost where in the shipping and could not be reimbursed and he waited so long to respond with this.

HE THEN FILED A COMPLAINT WITH paypal, in his complaint he did not tell the same story he told me and made it out he was a victim.  I sent a reply to pal pal along with pictures and a copy of his email which he admits dismantling the item.  Without any further response paypal refunds him his full price and takes it out of my account.  With no explainations given.  They then tell me they will take the $ out of my account after he ships it to me and they have confirmation.  I never got the item back, and was already out the cost of the item when paypal said this.  I actually lost twice as I shipped it for free, then lost the cost of the winning auction and then never got the item back.  Pay pal refused to communicate with me further on this.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 11:31 am

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One thought on “PayPal Cheated The Seller
  1. whatanidiotyouare on

    “Item sold to individual in `chicago area was a new item out of box, never used. I took pictures of it and tested it before selling.”

    What? It’s brand new in a box, never used, but you tested it? How? What are you a fucking magician?

    I smell bullshit on this one.